Monday, 19 December 2011

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow, bought this product last week and not too sure on the precise name of it but its in a long kind of box with all different shades of beige and browns and i love it! its really easy to apply and easy to take off as well which is always a good thing when you come in from a night out tehe

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I've always used Eylure eyelashes as they always seemed the best to me but only recently did I discover  they're not expensive at all, can be bought with or without glue included and are really easy to apply! Bought some a few weeks ago without glue for only £0.99 which is a fantastic deal. Definitely recommend them to people, the packaging they come in means you can put them into your makeup bag and they wont get squashed which is always a plus.  Wore them four times now and they still look good! So now as soon as I get some more money I'll be buying in bulk from them. Eyelash Palace is fantastic. 
Hiii:-) Happy tuesday!
At the moment I'm loving Clinique! after what happened in the post below I ordered the Soothing Cleanser from the Redness Solutions and the Dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Both the moisturizer and the cleanser have a really nice smell and you don't need to use much cream! Both products are quite big and expected to last about 6 months so I definitely recommend them! They also keep your skin feeling fresh and clean xx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Okay so here's my first review!
 recently bought new makeup because my foundation was becoming to get too gloopy and sticky. So i bough the  Revlon Colour Stay foundation for Oily Skin. The makeup was about £13 and it applied really well. The next day though, I found that when I took my makeup off my face would sting. I ignored it though and thought it was just getting a hot flush or something but two days after buying the make-up I realised it was the foundation casing my skin to flame up. By this time my skin had become flaky and horrible. Anyway I took the makeup back and spoke to someone at a make-up counter in boots, I was told that as the make-up is a 14 hour foundation, it had too much alcohol in it and thats what caused my face to inflame! So if you have young and fresh skin and get allergic reactions easily, then I wouldnt advise this! 
This is the first post! Hellooo :-)
Hope these reviews and everything else I post help you when it comes to making makeup choices etc, would hate for anyone to experience some of the things I have when it comes to make-up and beauty!
Enjoy x