Recent buys

'Wet Look' Not very disco panty at all leggings from Topshop.
Until I get my American Apparel ones, these will do.

£14.99 Knitted jumper from h&m
Not sure if i like it at the moment but it is pretty!

                                              £7.99 from h&m. Wore it with sandals and also one
                                                           day with ankle socks and converse 

That isn't me in the picture, its the model off the website. 
Got this dress in Topshop, Oxford Street last week. £42 from Rare.
Its so comfy and the back is really cute, wore it with a tiny gold belt + gold glitter platforms from Aldo £85

Finally after all this time i got some vans! They were £44.99 from Office but they're really nice although if you wear them too much they give you blisters

                                                    Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop

                                                                      Eylure 145 Lashes
                                        Love these lashes, stay on well. Use them all the time :)

                                       A new diary from Next. ( sorry for the rubbish quality of the picture)

Nike Blazers £67.99 Footlocker


                                                                  Primark £11