Sunday, 30 December 2012

Best present!

Was literally showered with presents this year at Christmas, but the best present was the
 FAB-U-LOUS leather jacket from my boyf. I've had so many in the past but really really reeeeeaaallly wanted this one so he got it for me. What a babe!

Quick buys and Miranda Hart for Prime Minister

Eco Tools foundation brush - £7.99

Zara Basic Handbag - £39.99

Broadway false nails - £5.99

Ted Baker makeup bag, Liz Earle cleansing set, Swarovski Earrings,
Miranda Series 1 & 2 and Miranda Hart Biography.

Just a few of my presents from Christmas, had such a lovely day.
Need to start on the Miranda book as soon as possible.
Lost my Clinique foundation brush on Christmas Eve when I was out which was ridiculous as it cost me a bomb. Didn't actually need the handbag but hey ho! And pulled my acrylic nails off last week so decided to get some quick falsies for Boxing night festivities!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas outfit

Deciding what to wear on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Boxing day and NYE is always an issue.
Trying to find four outfits just wrecks my head to be fair. Bought these two dresses in Topshop yesterday but definitely need to take one back as I don't think i'll wear them much.
 (I'm 110% sure I'll wear them once and never again)
I'm not overly keen on either dress now but I do like them, just annoying that I always end up i this madness a day before Christmas!