Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January; Week Two

Want is such an over used word isn't it? "I want this, I want that"

I use it myself so much, but seriously what do people actually want? No one really knows what they want, and what they want isn't always necessarily what they need. Lots of people I know don't actually need anything they just want something, whatever that something may be. I'm on two weeks of study leave at the moment and my last exam is tomorrow, leaving me a week and a half to think... (If you know me, you know thinking is what I do best) I need to think about what I want, spent most of my 17 years worrying about what people think and it gets you nowhere at all! This post isn't as depressing as it seems though, I've come to the conclusion that the key to everything is written below...

Love Jacinta

Sunday, 6 January 2013

January; Week One Beauty

Liz Earle facial awakening cleansing spray| Good Things Face Moisturiser| Sun Kissed Instant Tan (PRIMARK)| Liz Earle facial cleanser| SBC Collagen Gel

Sorry for the rubbish picture quality, the lighting in my room is just ridiculous.
Got the Liz Earle stuff for Christmas from my nana. the moisturiser is just beautiful! It smells gorgeous and is really easy to apply. The fake tan is really good, only cost me £2.50 however it does go on better if you have no other tan left on from beforehand. Last but certainly not least, the collagen. Love love love this, it doesn't smell or anything and you can put it anywhere even though it's for you face.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Best present!

Was literally showered with presents this year at Christmas, but the best present was the
 FAB-U-LOUS leather jacket from my boyf. I've had so many in the past but really really reeeeeaaallly wanted this one so he got it for me. What a babe!

Quick buys and Miranda Hart for Prime Minister

Eco Tools foundation brush - £7.99

Zara Basic Handbag - £39.99

Broadway false nails - £5.99

Ted Baker makeup bag, Liz Earle cleansing set, Swarovski Earrings,
Miranda Series 1 & 2 and Miranda Hart Biography.

Just a few of my presents from Christmas, had such a lovely day.
Need to start on the Miranda book as soon as possible.
Lost my Clinique foundation brush on Christmas Eve when I was out which was ridiculous as it cost me a bomb. Didn't actually need the handbag but hey ho! And pulled my acrylic nails off last week so decided to get some quick falsies for Boxing night festivities!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas outfit

Deciding what to wear on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Boxing day and NYE is always an issue.
Trying to find four outfits just wrecks my head to be fair. Bought these two dresses in Topshop yesterday but definitely need to take one back as I don't think i'll wear them much.
 (I'm 110% sure I'll wear them once and never again)
I'm not overly keen on either dress now but I do like them, just annoying that I always end up i this madness a day before Christmas!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Wishlist #1

Leopard print faux fur hightop converse|| Deep Red platform ||Chelsea ankle boots
These three are on my want list for November, even though two new pairs of heels and a pair of Converse arrived in the post this week.

Lets play a game: How many times can I wear this outfit?

Ok so it seems all my pictures have gone blurry (thank you iPhone upload) but my point is, how many times can I actually wear this outfit? 

I'm one of these people who never wear the same thing more than once unless it's to two completely different places but seriously I went out two weekends ago and wore it (1st picture) went on holiday to Jamaica and wore it for a 'family photo shoot' (2nd picture, yes it was very embarrassing) and then two nights later I wore it out for dinner. (3rd picture) And it got me thinking, you can actually wear things more than once as long as you don't over do it but it saves so much money as nothing is cheap these days, especially if you're a student.